Video: El Paso, Texas, mayor John Cook (D) Says Take Your “Freedom Of Speech Outside.”

El Paso, Texas, mayor John Cook (D)
El Paso, Texas, mayor John Cook (D)

El Paso, Texas, mayor John Cook (D), who has been in a battle with local churches and the faith-oriented members in his community in recent months.  A video has surfaced that shows he gave a woman who was addressing the city council on the issue of its criticism of faith and churches only some 70 seconds to talk, and then he told her to take her “freedom of speech outside.”

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Here is an example of the El Paso City Government’s attacks on all churches. This attack here is by representative Beto O’rourke against the Catholic Church, the Pope and Father Michael Rodriguez. The attacks have been relentless. Beto’s attack was made while he was a lame duck. He choose this occasion to make the remarks. The following week, Elizabeth Branham, a Catholic, while making a permitted comment to defend the Catholic Church, was cutoff during her alotted time by Mayor Cook. He in a rage told her to take her freedom of speech outside. Within a month one of his comrades, Representative Rachel Quintana, was found guilty and sentenced for forgery. Most El Paso citizens are now asking for the recalls of the extremely liberal progressives John Cook, Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega. Their egoism is without bound. Their spending of other people’s money is out of control. It is said that they have doubled the city’s debt in just 5 years to 1.3 billion dollars.


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