Video: Comedy – NewsBusted Show – November 15, 2011


NewsBusted show 11/15/11
NewsBusted show 11/15/11
Topics in today’s show:

–Rick Perry is still thinking of a third federal agency he’d like to eliminate

–Rick Perry’s recent brain freeze certainly was embarrassing, but we here at NewsBusted want to remind everyone that our current president won’t speak to sixth graders unless he has two teleprompters

–Last week, one of Herman Cain’s sexual harassment accusers held a press conference featuring graphic and horrifying details

–The protesters at Occupy Denver have chosen a Border Collie as their leader

–Mexican gunmen invaded Texas last week before being chased out by an American SWAT team

–Eddie Murphy decided he will not be hosting the Academy Awards this season

–Dr. Conrad Murray may be sentenced up to four years in jail

–Kate Middleton may be pregnant
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Starring: Jodi Miller
Production: Dialog New Media


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