Weather Blast Video: Epic Footage – Tornadoes and major flooding in Italy!

Tornadoes and major flooding in Italy!
Tornadoes and major flooding in Italy!

Slovenian storm chaser Marko Korosec chased near the city of Genova, NW Italy on Nov 4th 2011. A major flash flooding event was predicted with strong shear and high energy still in place — unusualy ingredients for early November. (Extreme Tornado Tours guide Olivier Staiger, aka Klipsi, also chased this event from his base in Switzerland.) The event transpired with an intense stationary convective line of supercell thunderstorms over the city of Genova, droping hundreds of litres of rain which resulted in major flooding over the city. Unfortunatelly at least 6 people were killed there. On the edge of this line of storms, at least two tornadoes were observed by Marko and others, as well as a lot of intense CG lightning strikes and several wall clouds with occasional funnel clouds. For more incredible video and photos, check out for more of Marko’s incredible work![jwplayer mediaid=”4574″]


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