Viewer Advisory: Video – Topless in Vatican: FEMEN strip against ‘Catholic witch-hunt’

Topless in Vatican: FEMEN strip against 'Catholic witch-hunt'
Topless in Vatican: FEMEN strip against 'Catholic witch-hunt'

Three demonstrators from the Ukrainian women’s rights movement FEMEN staged a protest at the Vatican on Sunday, shortly after the Pope’s regular Sunday address. One of them sneaked into St. Peter’s square and took off her coat revealing a transparent blouse. The demonstrator held a sign saying ‘Freedom for Women’ and shouted “Libere siamo noi” (italian for “We are free”). She was stopped as she started pulling her clothes off by police and quickly led along with her two partners to a nearby police station where the protesters are being questioned.

FEMEN is Ukrainian protest group based in Kiev and was founded in 2008. The organisation became internationally known for organising topless protests against sex tourism, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international issues. [jwplayer mediaid=”4520″]


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