Video: Mom Sends Chickenpox Tainted Lollipops Around Country


[jwplayer mediaid=”4754″]Mom Sends Chickenpox Tainted Lollipops Around Country



You may have heard of pox parties — where parents take their unvaccinated children to play with chickenpox-infected kids. But this week the media uncovered a new twist in spreading the disease — parents mailing contaminated lollipops across the country.
It started with a WSMV investigation into a Facebook page — find a pox party in your area. Moms on the page posted offers to mail contaminated items, including suckers.
WERKIT: “Yes, they were sucked on by my kids.”
REPORTER: “Why would you do that?”
WERKIT: “So that other people’s kids can get chicken pox. They can’t get them the normal way any more, of just naturally catching and naturally getting the immunity for life.”
REPORTER: “I see that you’re charging 50 dollars.”
WERKIT: “I didn’t make any money off of it, it was just the overnight shipping fee.”
As if chicken pox isn’t scary enough, KPHO discovered even more alarming requests.
“We spotted a woman asking for measles, a deadly and highly contagious disease. When asked why, she writes getting her children exposed is the only way not to get the vaccine without losing custody of them…To doctors like AD Jacobson, that is beyond simply bad advice. ‘It kind of reminds me of people that were sending anthrax through the mail.'”
Doctors seem to agree that sending chicken pox through the mail is a bad idea — but why?
For starters, an infectious disease expert tells the LA Times, it probably wouldn’t even work.
“The varicella virus needs cells to live in, and there probably would be very few cells in spit or on a used lollipop. ‘It’s unlikely the virus would survive long enough,’ he said. But more resilient types of infections — dangerous ones — could make it, including hepatitis B, group A strep, and staph germs.”
Finally, MSNBC says — it’s a criminal offense.
“It is indeed illegal to mail chickenpox virus, says U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Sue Brennan. ‘Mailing infectious substances and/or materials is illegal unless it meets very specialized requirements between authorized parties—and chicken pox parties don’t qualify.'”
Conviction could result in a sentence of less than a year to 20 years in prison.

“Small helicopters managed to get 800 others out of a small village in Nepal before it became unsafe to fly. They’ve got thick fog there, snow, and cold.”

After the snow storm hit–Nepalise airline officials closed down the only airstrip that could fly folks in and out of the Everest area, Lukla Airport in Nepal…turning tourists into survival mode.

“A lot of those climbers are stuck sleeping in their tents and their dining halls around the area because hotels quickly filled up.”

According to Truth Dive, it all started several days ago and has only gotten worse.

“The build-up of stranded people started in Lukla in late- October when only limited flights were operated, also due to bad weather. But from October 31, no flight was conducted at all, thus swelling up the number of visitors in the village….”

Nepalise rescue officials say the only other alternative is to wait for the weather to improve. But, Nepal’s Republica reports a few hundred hikers have set out on foot.

“Some tourists are said to be walking down to Jiri, which is 5-7 days walk from Lukla while others are simply waiting for the weather to turn better.”

Government efforts to rescue the 2,500 stranded tourists were set to begin Saturday. But, reports of even worse weather conditions stopped the Nepal Army from flying a helicopter to Lukla.

“The army had hoped to deploy its rescue helicopter, which carries 30 to 40 people, but bad weather has prevented it from accessing Lukla…’Small helicopters are only carrying six to seven passengers in a flight,'”

The stranded tourists include Americans, Britons and Germans. On a normal day, some 500 passengers would fly in and out of the airport.


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