Michael Savage: Liberals now support death penalty?

Michael Savage: Liberals now support death penalty?

Why are anti-death-penalty liberals, of all people, supporting the execution of a head of state?

That’s the question asked by Michael Savage at the opening of his top-rated talk-radio show yesterday following the killing of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Savage, author of the best-selling counter-terror thriller “Abuse of Power”, noted that after Gadhafi’s convoy was attacked, video showed him in the last minutes of his life, before he was “executed by bloodthirsty rebels.”

“Here we have the U.S. media – who, I think, to a last empty skirt opposed the death penalty – yet they are feasting on his corpse,” Savage told his listeners.

“No morals, no ethics, no character, no strength,” he said in reference to American media. “Every day they espouse sympathy for the devil. Every day they espouse sympathy for murderers and rapists on death row, no death penalty – and here they celebrate the execution of Gadhafi by the puppets of the U.S. government.”

While Gadhafi was a “certifiably bad guy,” Savage said, he should have been given a trial.

“Why are, all of a sudden, war-mongers and death-penalty advocates so full of themselves?” he asked. “When Obama invades a country, it’s OK. When Obama executes someone, it’s OK; but when Bush did the same thing, it was a violation of human rights.”

It seems, Savage said, that “some dictators more equal than others.”

“Gadhafi is bad, but Assad in Syria is good? Ahmadinejad is good?” he asked.

“While the Hitler of Iran is invited to dinner at Columbia,” Savage observed, referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “Gadhafi gets a bullet to the head. Why?”

Savage sees an anti-Israel bent in Obama administration policy toward the Middle East.

“The Soros-Carter-Brzezinski-Obama-Hillary Clinton complex is out to kill anybody who is no threat to Israel and the Arab world and to support those, with the wink of an eye, who are in favor of the demise of the Zionist state,” he said.

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