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One day soon, someone will write a book titled “The Stumbling, Bumbling, One-Term Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.” It will be a best-seller – off the nonfiction shelf, of course.

Every presidency is, to be sure, fraught with missteps, mistakes and even fundamental misunderstandings of the task at hand. But President Obama has taken those pitfalls to new heights, and in so doing has exposed what can be called only “Amateur Hour in the White House.”

Just in the past month or so, the president and his jejune minions have delivered every bit of evidence needed to support the theory that no one in the big house knows what they’re doing.

First, Mr. Obama announced that he desperately needed to address a joint session of Congress, and it had to be – had to be – the same night as a Republican presidential-primary debate (remember, this was after Mr. Obama announced in mid-August that he’d be making an announcement in mid-September – after a 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard).

Or rather, Mr. Obama didn’t announce it, he sent out his amateurish press secretary, who, with a straight face, called the timing purely “coincidental.”

“There’s one president; there’s 20-some odd debates,” Jay Carney said. “Obviously, one debate of many that’s on one channel of many was not enough reason not to have the speech at the time that we decided to have it.”

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