Video: Snooze Booth – Sleepbox life saver for travelers


A new Russian gimmick called the Sleepbox might be the solution if you want a quick nap on the go. ­Sleepbox mini-hotels are to help exhausted adventurers at airports and railway stations — crowded and noisy places that are not so good for a nap. Two young Russian architects decided to change that with a Sleepbox — a soundproof and air conditioned mobile hotel room for a quick rest. And the demand for them is already booming. “We have requests from all over the world, even from the Fiji Islands. The nearest country installing it is Spain. I hope next year it will be sleeping in the Sleepbox,” shares architect Mikhail Krymov.Similar concept capsule hotels were invented in Japan some 30 years ago, but never became popular elsewhere.

And this neatly-designed comfort crib will cost you about $10 per hour of deserved rest. Hotel business experts say Sleepboxes could be a gold mine. “For transit passengers or foreign students even it’s a great idea. Taking into consideration always unpredictable transport collapses etc. They are much higher standard capsule hotels,” considers Aleksandr Lesnik, Hotel Consulting & Development Group The only Sleepbox installed so far already drawing attention of those traveling through Moscow’s Sheremetyevo international Airport.


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