Celebrity Blotter: Margaret Cho Pissed Off An Entire Comedy Club, Breaks Down on Stage, Attacks Whites and Donald Trump

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Asian Comedian Margret Cho Breaks Down on Stage, Attacks Whites and Donald Trump

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Asian Comedian Margret Cho Hates White People, I Guess

Margaret Cho pissed off an entire comedy club, sparking fights as she went off about being a rape victim, and ripped into white audience members.
TMZ obtained the video shot at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ Saturday night … and you can hear the crowd is restless and angry. Witnesses tell us Cho started her set with a “debbie downer” discussion of her rape, Garry Shandling’s death … and white people having it so easy.
We’re told she also made several gay jokes, and at least one such punchline led to 2 men in the audience fighting.

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